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Should i clean my sneakers?

Do you like spreading dirt and bacteria around your home and car?

Do you enjoy the bad odors that come from used sneakers?

Are you particularly fond about wearing dirty articles of clothing?

Do you like wasting money?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then yes, indeed you should clean your sneakers.

Our sneakers are not just an accessory, but they provide comfort and protection for our feet. Though the average person may have multiple pairs, it is still necessary to maintain the shoes you wear. Sneakers protect our feet from interacting with the world below aka the dirty ground. Needless to say your sneakers find themselves in not so favorable places and rub shoulders with not so favorable items.

Cleaning your sneakers is a great way to disinfect them and remove any dirt and bacteria which may have attached itself to your shoe. Not to mention cleaning your sneakers will significantly improve their appearance which in turn makes them and you much more visually appealing.